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    Living in the Five Precepts while volunteering at Chandrakirti Meditation Centre

    Are you willing to live, work and practice in a harmonious and respectful environment, we ask volunteers to support our community by adhering to the five precepts:

    • Protect living beings - refraining from killing even tiny insects

    • Respect others belongings - refraining from stealing

    • Speak truthfully - refraining from: lying, gossiping or violent speech

    • Respect our centre as a space of spiritual development and contemplation - refraining from: sexual conduct, inadequate or aggressive behaviour, playing music or using our centre for entertaining purposes

    • Cultivate clarity of mind and body - refraining from: using intoxicants, alcohol, tobacco, etc

    Please note the $140 per week contribution must be paid in cash or Eftpos.

    I agree to the above and confirm that my details are true and complete.