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Volunteering at Chandrakirti Centre


General Volunteers

Woofers-1 At Chandrakirti we welcome volunteers that have a genuine interest in Buddhism to live, work, study, practice and meditate with us. As part of the Buddhist philosophy we value the principle of compassionate service. Offering service to our Centre is far more than a convenient lodging, it is about learning how to apply the Buddhist teachings in your daily life. We encourage volunteers to make the best use of our programme and attend all classes while staying at Chandrakirti.



We live, work and practice in a harmonious and respectful enviroment, we ask volunteers to support our community by adhering to the five precepts:

  • Protect living beings - refraining from killing even tiny insects
  • Respect others belongings - refraining from stealing
  • Speak truthfully - refraining from: lying, gossiping or violent speech
  • Respect our centre as a space of spiritual development and contemplation - refraining from: sexual conduct, inadequate or aggresive behaviour, playing music or using our centre for entertaining purposes
  • Cultivate clarity of mind and body - refraining from: using intoxicants, alcohol, tobacco, etc

We offer you:P7060014-1

  • The special opportunity to meet and receive teachings from a highly qualified Tibetan Buddhist Teacher
  • The opportunity to live in our buddhist community
  • Spiritual mentoring and guidance
  • Individualized meditation classes
  • Opportunity to attend all teachings and pujas at no cost - Volunteers do have to pay full cost to attend retreats
  • A conducive environment for contemplation, healing and study
  • Usage of our library
  • Usage of our Meditation Hall, Yeshe Pagoda, and Stupa
  • Taking part of our Sundays shared lunch and meeting the wider community
  • Single/shared accomodation - with heating and linen
  • All meals - vegetarian only
  • Usage of internet (personal communications only - not for entertainment)
  • Usage of laundry facilities
  • Transport to and from the Centre - we kindly ask for a $10 donation for petrol per ride


In exchange we ask you to:DSC 0621-1

  • Pay a donation of $70 cash per week - payable on arrival
  • Agree to adhere to our precepts and to our volunteer package instructions which you will be introduced to upon arrival
  • Agree to sign a volunteer form
  • Work: 4hrs a day - 6 days a week
  • We recommend volunteers to stay for 3 weeks so as to have a deeper and more grounding experience of the place. It's also benefitial for us so we get to know you and support you on your path, yet we are flexible for your plans. Please just write to us.


Volunteers are normally asked to do different jobs such as:IMG 1849-1

  • Prepare lunch and clean afterwards
  • Work in our buddhist shop
  • Take care of our grounds
  • Handman work & repairs
  • Maintainance of property and gardens
  • Harvest fruit from our small orchard
  • Work in the library
  • Distribute flyers
  • Cleaning the house & buildings
  • Promote our centre at various events


Life at the Centre:

Volunteers are encouraged to start their work at 9am. We have lunch together every day. We have teachings on Monday & Thursday evenings. On Sunday mornings we have meditation class with our resident teacher and a shared lunch with everyone attending the class. For more information about our practice and study programme please click here.


Contact us:

Please consider contacting us with one month in advance - as we get many volunteering inquiries.

When contacting us please confirm you have read this page.

For information about volunteering availability click: Contact form.


This is what some volunteers said about their stay at Chandrakirti:


Manon from Holland: "Chandrakirti is a very special and peaceful place. If you are interested in Buddhism than this is a good place to go. There is a lot of work to do but you also receive a lot. I learned for instance how to meditate and be more mindful in daily life. Volunteering at Chandrakirti can be a life changing experience".


Guido from Argentina: "Chandrakirti is one of those places full of magic and wisdom, at every moment you have the opportunity to share your experience. This sacred place blesses you with all kind of teachings, real wisdom can be found in the smallest actions, in the smallest creature. Living there was for me an opportunity to grow and to find myself. One of the greatest things about Chandrakirti is its people, as everyone is trying to live in a peaceful and harmless way, searching for wisdom and committing their lives to others".


Jay from New Zealand: "I am from the greatest country in the world...New Zealand! When my life was getting stressful I came to Chandrakirti for a sense of calm and to learn about meditation and mindfulness. So as long as you are prepared to work to earn your keep you will take a sense of tranquility in your heart from this beautiful place for the rest of your life".


Jazz from Japan: "At Chandrakirti I felt clean energy and the right place for me to be. It was a great experience that allowed me to really see and work deeply within myself, spending time with people who study the inside world and live by the great teachings of the Buddha. At Chandrakirti I got clearer about my thoughts and vision for my life!!:.


Yvonne from Germany: "Chandrakirti is the best place to step away from your normal fast live, chasing happiness everywhere you go. It is a place where you can calm your mind, find balance and happiness within yourself. I received great teachings and always had someone to talk to learn more about Buddhism :). Thank you so much, I can't put it in words how much I've learned. Lots of love, Yvonne.

Joe from Germany: "Chandrakirti Meditation Centre is one of the best places I have been in New Zealand so far. I came here to improve my meditation and learn more about Buddhism. I have reached my goals and learned so much more. If you want to spend your time with happy, helpful and very interesting people plus good food and an amazing environment then the Chandrakirti Meditation Centre is the best place to be."

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